How many items have been assigned to me?

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Appreciate all the following help, truly.


What I need to do:

I have a report (SharePoint list) that managers fill out to assign employees to manage leads.

I want to send out a reoccurring email, weekly, to anyone who has been assigned a lead in the last seven days (168 hours) telling them how many leads they've been assigned.


How does it work?

On my leads report, managers are assigning leads, via a lookup column. That lookup column is looking up a calculated column.

The calculated column is on my SharePoint list of employees.
The calculated column displays all users who
1. have a particular business line
2. particular word in their title

And then, the column displays the users "nickname" because it cannot display a person/group column through a calculated column.

To do this:
I need to be able to extract the profile ID through the original list so I can enter that ID into Get_User_profile, and then from there be able to send automated emails to the dynamic "Mail" content.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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