How i can get the most recent file inside "List files in folder" one drive

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I have this flow, where i am getting all the root folders inside a user onedrive:-







then i am using "List files in folder" >> to get all the files inside each root folder. but i do not need all files i only need the latest file inside each of the root folders? any advice?


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 1.Add a compose to sorting the Folder files and get the recent one.

first(reverse(sort(outputs('List_files_in_folder')?['body/value'], 'LastModified')))


2.Utilize the 'Filter array' action to narrow down the selection of recent files, specifically targeting those files added at the same timestamp.


    "inputs": {

        "from": "@outputs('List_files_in_folder')?['body/value']",

        "where": "@equals(item()?['LastModified'], outputs('Sorting_Files')?['LastModified'])"


It will loop and process each folder wise. you can make a further action along with it.



Let me know if this helps for you.