How do I formatDateTime a Select value from SharePoint List?

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I have a SharePoint list which I'm retrieving daily at 4pm.  I'm filtering out the items I need and then adding them to an HTML table to send out via email:


Recurrence -> Get Items -> Select -> Create HTML Table -> Send EMail


The problem I have is that one of the fields is a datetime field and is showing UTC time when it should be showing daylight savings time (or local time).


How can I format this field so that it shows the correct value in the HTML table?  I tried adding the formatDateTime (which might do it?) to the Select, but it appears that is just expecting a JSON object, and not recognising functions.


Any thoughts on how I can parse that JSON and replace the datetime values with formatted date time values greatly appreciated.


Many thanks.

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OK, so I've managed to get the formatdatetime function to work, but it is still showing the UTC date time and not the local date time.  Any thoughts?  I just want to show the actual date time in the email I send!


This is the function I'm currently using: