How do I delete items in a list after 10 items added by each user?

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I have created a loyalty app for our cafe in powerapps: Linked to a QR code, which, when scanned updates a sharepoint list. But I want the items to delete for each individual user on their 11th Scan (so the loyalty card resets to zero). Can this be done in sharepoint or is it best as a powerautomate flow?

How do I get it to look for individual user entries (e.g. when Jane has done 11 scans, her loyalty points reset to zero)

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Hi @Amy Christie 


That's an interesting question and it looks like a cool app. But just checking first to make sure you know that Power Apps can only be shared with (i.e. used by) people who have accounts on your Microsoft 365 tenant, or who are guests connected to your tenant via Azure B2B.


I ask because I imagine that's not the case with customers of your cafe...?



@Sandy Ussia Oh good point, but we are a school, so the customers are our students at the school canteen, so all members.