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I am trying to configure the search in the list scroll view to include additional columns. However, I am getting highlighted blue with the message:

Suggestion: Part of this formula cannot be evaluated remotely due to service limitations. Highlighted Operation is not supported by column 'Description'.


Filter('Inventory List',TextSearchBox1.Text in Description || (StartsWith(Title,TextSearchBox1.Text) || StartsWith(IP_x0020_Address,TextSearchBox1.Text)))


Description is a 'Single Line or Text' column in the sharepoint list.


Also, the idea is that the inventory could be seached by title, ip address or description or filtered based on region.


For the regional filter, I have included a dropdown and in it's on select have included the following:

UpdateContext({RegionSelected: Dropdown1.Selected.Value})


However, till the time the dropdown is not selected for the first time, the value for Region Selected variable is not set. How to set it initially?


Since, I also want to filter my content based on this, the filter is modified as 

Filter('Server Inventory List',(StartsWith(Title,TextSearchBox1.Text) || StartsWith(IP_x0020_Address,TextSearchBox1.Text)) && RegionSelected in Region_x0020_Calculated)


Region Calculated is a calculated text column and being populated from Region (choice column)


It also gives a similar message.


Any help is much appriciated. 


Thank you.

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