Help Needed. Linking Multiple Forms with Flow

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Please help,


I am currently trying to create a flow for my work which will act as a tracker when documents have been signed.


The background of this is, one particular role in the company (ie manager) will need to complete the form when they sign business documentation but they should be able to choose anything from 1 to 5 documents to sign.


The way I have currently configured the flow is such that even if they only say they are signing one document, they will get emails for the 5 documents, with one sending an email as approved and the other 4 sending emails as rejected. 


I think the problem is that I am using "Apply to all" and then have 5 separate "Conditions" with Yes/No email responses added but I am unsure what else to use or how to go about getting this to work the way it should.


The end user should therefore only receive the email for the form which they are signing.


Hope this makes sense,


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ross_M890 


Can you please provide a screen shot of the form where the question determines what document/s to sign, and also the flow that you have created that manages it?


Redact any URLs or private info as we just need to see what's happening in your set up.




@Damien Rosario Hi Damien,


Apologies, I think I may have just got it working it the last few minutes.


I have set up 5 parallel "Condition" controls which look firstly at the options which have been selected and then set up nested conditions within each to check Yes/No responses before adding a "Send an email (V2)" for authorised / not authorised in the yes/no outputs. 


It seems to be working now and linked up for all 5 responses but I have a few more tests to do and then hopefully should be able to close the thread.

No worries @Ross_M890 


If you did I'd be very happy for you!




Thanks Damian,

I've tested quite a few scenarios now and it is working as expected.