Getting the Version number of a SharePoint document with Flow

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Hi Everyone, recently I tried to setup a flow that reacts on a file change and reads the version of a document. I would like to check if this is a major version copy it to another library. Now I have seen the Action "Get File Metadata" - but this does not give me the version of the file. Is there any way to get the version of the file that got changed?

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Hi Oliver,


At the moment you can't get the version number of a document using Flow. Flow only returns a select number of properties for a document. That means you also can't use custom metadata. 


I'm not sure when Microsoft is going to add this fuctionality to Flow. 

Heya, I know this is a bit of an old post but I had a similar experience while I was trying to mock up a prototype for integration between SharePoint and a record keeping system. To get around it you can send a HTTP request to the SharePoint API with the file identifier to retrieve the list of versions, get the latest version and make a decision on that. If your still interested you can find a full walk through on my blog here: Creating a Version Monitoring Flow in SharePoint

Cheers, Glenn.

Thanks for this Glenn - exactly what I needed i.e. to be able to pass up the version number to an approver when submitting a controlled document, so that the document and version is all part of an auditable process.  Cheers.



Your blog post is really awesome and interesting.


I would suggest to refer below endpoint of SharePoint where you could reduce the number of steps. 


GET: Minor Version
/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('/Shared Documents/filename.docx')/MinorVersion

GET: Major Version
/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('/Shared Documents/filename.docx')/MajorVersion

If you still need both Major and Minor version numbers, I may go with your way since multiple HTTP requests will reduce the performance of workflow. 


Need to read more?

Find below reference from Microsoft MSDN


Kushan Perera | Microsoft MVP





Thanks for the feedback. When I was originally looking into this those endpoints didn't exist. For what I am using it for it is more useful to get both components of the version number but I will have to update the article to include some notes about those endpoints.



@Glenn Prince 


God bless you, sir. This is a wonderful Flow, and you are very clear in your explanation of how to set it up. Well done, and much appreciated!