Getting data from Sharepoint table/list to MS Forms

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Is it possible to get data from Sharepoint table or list to MS Form and how that can be done?

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@JohndeLance you can't programmatically get data from a SharePoint list into Forms as Forms has no way of connecting to other apps. So you can't use Power Automate as there is no Forms trigger or actions for getting list data and adding them into a Form. All you can do is a copy & paste of a list column into a choice question in Forms.


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@RobElliottAlright. The purpose would be to make a simple web form with easy-to-maintain product information and prices. With the form, the user selects the product and quantity, and sending the form adds the selected products to Sharepoint or send an email.


Can you tell me where I can start to make such an implementation?

Power Automate, using the Forms submission trigger. You can take the response data and using the SharePoint or Outlook connectors, either embed that data in an email or create a new list item with it.