Get data from a multi select column in single email

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I have a multi select column in a list that I want to add to an email in a flow that I am creating. 

At the moment i have just added the 'leave type value' to an email and it applies to each and send several emails depending how many selections were made - one email for each value. 



I also tried this in an approval process but it put this into an apply for each as well and this broke the flow. 



so what I would really like to do is at the start of the flow turn the 'leave type value' into text at the start of the flow so i can just add this to the emails. I have attempted this:


but the problem with this is that output is so messy: {"":"Sick leave"}:{"":"TOIL"}
is there a way to clean this up or a different way to get the same result. 

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