From Forms to SharePoint list using Flow

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I made a very simple form with Forms. The form works like a charm, no problem with that.


I would like to store all the responses in a SharePoint list but I just can't get the flow to work reliably


I usually get the flow to work once or maybe even twice, and then nothing. It works and then it stops working and I can't figure out why!


I've used Flow before and all the other things I have built seem to work okay. So I wonder if there's just something wrong with the connection between Flow and Forms?


Have anyone else experienced the same?


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I am using MS Forms to capture data from internal users in (Office 365). Is there a way to export Start time, Completion time, Name and Email for each response from the Form to a SharePoint list?

Currently, I have Flow that shows the responses from the Form in a SharePoint list, excluding the four objects mentioned above.




I am able to capture the missing objects.




I'm new to Forms and Flow, and have limited experience with SharePoint. 

I've set up a customer survey Form and an associated list in SharePoint.

Both are connected, apparently successfully using Flow. However, when test are done, no data is entered into the list, although a new row is generated. Below is a screenshot. The two records are denoted by an asterisk looking emblem in the Title field, entitled, "Workshop Survey Data".



My Flow looked entirely different when I set it up, than it does when I clicked on the edit button as shown below.



The frustrating thing is that I worked out some bugs earlier related to an error message, "'Title" is required", which were too simple and something that came after a good deal of research.

My fear is this is likely a similar scenario.


Can anyone help with this issue?


Thank you in advance.




Hi @LegUpSolutions 


Can you please show what's in the Apply to each part (expand the actions and block out any URLs)? Need to see how you've pushed the forms input into the SharePoint output to determine where your issue might be.




@LegUpSolutions make sure that after the "When a new response is submitted" trigger you have a "Get response details" action.