Forms flow missing items for update SPO

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I have a Flow that shoulr update a SharePoint list for each new item. The problem is that i can not select a field from Forms-data to update the correect SharePoint Iten. Except for the Title-field:

 Higlighting Title, all field from the Form can be selected:

forms sp ok.PNG

Hilglighting any other fields, the option to select from is gone. What do I do wrong here? 


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- Geir


form sp not ok.PNG

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Hi @Geir Hogstad 


A strange issue, it should have shown you all the Forms fields to use.


I'm wondering if the other SharePoint fields are an issue because they appear to be set as Date fields?


I personally find using fields as text fields can help to avoid any issues.


You may want to experiment with a new SharePoint list with text fields (same headings), and then see if that makes a difference?


Cheers and best wishes