Flow to transfer email attachments to SP site

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I've created a flow to save all email attachments received in a shared mailbox to a sharepoint folder. But the thing is I want all those attachments to take storage space in SharePoint and not outlook. I can do that by deleting the email attachments from the mail once they're saved in SharePoint library. But I don't want to follow that approach. 
So the overall need is to make the email attachments take the storage space in SharePoint and not Outlook's with Power automate.
Sharing the knowledge if you know would be really appreciable.

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If you have any kind of content retention policies on your mailboxes you won't be able to reduce space from attachments on the mailbox.

However if not, you can look into Graph API to remove attachments from mail items. You can use the same flow to call this and get the id's required on the attachments after moving them to SharePoint sucessfully.

I used graph query in http request action in power automate flow and I am able to remove attachments from the mail. But what I want to do is I want the attachments to be visible in email and when I click to open it should be like a link which directs me and opens from Sharepoint space.
Yeah that's beyond my pay grade lol. If it's even possible it'll require some kind of development API which you're going to have to have the ability to process the e-mail at the transport level and inject something that strips the attachment and injects it's location prior to it being transported to the mailbox.
Okay... seems like a high-level knowledge would be needed and I am just a beginner in it. Thanks for the response anyways.