Flow to create site page from SharePoint list

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Hi Community! I'm fairly new to Flow and I'd like to create a flow to create a new modern site page each time a row is entered into a SharePoint list. Also, if possible can the newly created page include information from the SharePoint list columns either as page properties or within a web part?


Appreciate the help!

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Hi @UnitedLex , at the moment this can't be done as there is no action within Flow to create a new page in SharePoint.

Los Gallardos

@UnitedLexIf you create a template for the kind of page you want, you can use "When an item is created" as a trigger, and then "Get file content" to get the template content, and then "Create file" to create a sharepoint page in your site pages folder. Once you've done that you can use "Update properties" to update the file with the properties from the list. Those properties will need to be columns in your site pages library