Flow to create a PDF using dynamic content from SharePoint list with images

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Hi Everyone,


I'm fairly new to PowerApps and flow and am in need of a little assistance.


I have created a power app that is used to report hazards or repairs that are required in a workplace. It is created off of a SharePoint list with some text fields to enter for a date, site location, and a description of the hazard/repair. There is also a field for an image or photo. I can achieve this image in two ways and I'm not sure which is best, either using the pre-set image column from SharePoint which I believe saves it as a thumbnail, or as an attachment using the pre-set attachments column.


The issue I have is creating a flow that when the SharePoint list is updated by the App it creates a pdf of all that information to then email to someone. I can find ways to add the text fields easy as they show up as dynamic content but I cant find a way to add the images. I don't really understand why Microsoft would have a pre-set field in SharePoint and PowerApps for images but not allow this to transfer over to power automate as dynamic content?


Could someone please provide a flow example from start to finish on how to achieve this?


Thank you.

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