Flow permissions

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Dear all, this might be a very basic question but I was wondering who has access to create flows. 


Does it respect the permissions within a SharePoint teamsite? 


For example can a user with read access to a library create a flow on changes to documents within that library?



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To create Flows you need the permission List Item Edit

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks!  Sorry for my confusion.  So e.g. users with the Contribute permissions level would be able to create flows? Or is it the Edit permission level that can.


Yeap, users with Contribute permissions level have the List Edit Permission so they could be able to create workflows

@Juan Carlos González Martín ok good to know. So potentially you could have many users having conflicting flows on items within a library if not managed correctly?


Are the flow permissions controlled somewhere? 



Microsoft is releasing an Admin Center for the Flows deployed at your tenant: https://flow.microsoft.com/es-es/blog/intro-flow-admin-center/