Flow on work account linked to personal ToDoist?

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Hi folks,


I use ToDoist for just about everything, and have a premium account attached to my personal e-mail. I wanted to start using Flow to manage some aspects of my work ToDoist automatically but Flow seems to only work if my ToDoist is linked to the same e-mail. Is there any way for me to link my personal ToDoist with my work e-mail so I can use Flow for work projects? Thanks in advance (and sorry if stupid question!).

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Hi @pete453 


The lack of response is probably because there's no one around here who uses Todoist and knows how to answer your question (myself included).


I would suggest giving the folks at this expert community forum a try https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Forums/ct-p/PA_Comm_Forums


You may get a response.


Cheers and best wishes


@Damien Rosario 


Thanks Damien; I have been able to improvise a solution with another app but it doesn't work as well as I think Flow would. Maybe I'll just have to have a Work and a Personal ToDoist account; just annoying because I pay for the premium version on my personal. I'll have an ask around though - thanks again!

Hi @pete453 


Might also be worth checking in with Todoist support and see if they have an answer. It's their product and their connector so they should know what to do.


Good luck