Flow not getting triggered on every change to SharePoint list items

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I'm experiencing issues with Flows that are configured to run on changes to a SharePoint List item. Most of the time it works, but every now and again, Flow does not execute. 


When I compare the version history on the SharePoint list item with the executed Flows, I can see that there is a missing Flow execution. This is causing a lot of issues as we cannot guarantee that every change will be processed.


The changes are happening approximately 5 minutes apart and the Flow usually take 5 to 20 seconds to execute. 


I see that the Flow user interface includes a view of "Checks (no new data)". My only guess is that for some reason, it didn't detect any new data, even though the list item history shows that there was a change. 


Have others seen similar behavior? 

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@Ivan Wilson did you ever find anything out about this scenario? I see that this topic has been viewed over 700 times so my guess is others are experiencing it too. I have seen this occasionally as well, and am not sure what causes the Flow not to trigger.