Flow Launch Panel now available for everyone!


As we had indicated in a message center post, and in our earlier blog post about how SharePoint can help you transform your business processes, we have been gradually rolling out the Flow Launch Panel feature, and as of Monday, the roll out has been completed. Flow Launch Panel allows you to pass in parameters to flows when starting them, and also lets you run flows as a user different from the creator of the Flow thanks to the "Manage run-only users" section in the Flow management screen.


See this blog post from the Flow team for details.

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Great addition!!!

Are there any configuration changes that would prevent these new additions to being available? 

I'm not seeing the new trigger, nor the ability to add "read only" users yet in any of the tenants I manage.  

Hi @Jesus Shelby, are you by any chance using vanity domains with your tenant? We do need Open ID Connect enabled to make this work, and we may be hiding it if you haven't taken the steps to enable it in case you are using a vanity domain.


Feel free to send me a private message with your tenant details, and I can investigate. 

Looks like my customer tenants are seeing it this morning.  I do have one that still doesn't see it.  I went ahead and PM'd you that info.  Thank you for checking in on it.