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We have a business need in having meeting files on a SharePoint document library folder move to another folder on the same document library after 7 days of the original files being uploaded. A custom workflow I believe SharePoint Designer was created for this several years ago.  Now that we are looking at moving the site to SharePoint Online we wanted in leveraging Microsoft Flow.  Has anyone come across a template/trigger (maybe is missed it when searching whats available) where you can specify as the condition the age of the document (upload/creation date) so that the file is them moved to the archive folder? Thank you for any advice/insights.

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Thank you so much for the response and reference, taking a look and for testing this approach again thanks,

Hi @Juan M Baena,

An alternative method might be to use the "When a File is Created" trigger, and then a "Delay Until" action set to 7 days - and then proceed with the "Move" steps. In that case, you wouldn't need to add a column to check for a past date once a week - each file would trigger a Flow when the file was uploaded, and wait in the background for a week before proceeding. 

- Sandy

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