[Flow] Excel import to Sharepoint - Comma separated values in column to generate multiple records

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I'll try to be as short & detailed as possible - Trying to achieve the subject.

Example Excel Source file:

Document IDDocument NameDocument
Approval Date
Product Name
1X01/01/2021Product A
2Y01/01/2021Product B
3Z01/01/2021Product A, Product B, Product C

Based on the above input, I would like to generate this type of List on Sharepoint:

Sharepoint IDDocument IDDocument NameDocument
Approval Date
Product Name
11X01/01/2021Product A
22Y01/01/2021Product B
33Z01/01/2021Product A
43Z01/01/2021Product B
53Z01/01/2021Product C

Note: This is a daily report & activity, I will need to be able to update in Sharepoint an already existing document information if anything changes.

Note 2: Basically, and in words, what I need help here with is:
Creating X Sharepoint entries based on the X number of products I have in the Product name column in Excel.

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