(Flagged e-mail => SPO list) results in duplicates

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I have a flow that works mostly correctly. When an e-mail in a user's inbox is flagged, an item is created in a SPO list. (The list is a Task web part, but this problem occurs with a custom built list, also.) The problem piece is that the list items become duplicated. In addition to causing confusion, this distorts the item numbers and ID numbers. The desired behavior is to create an item only once per flagged e-mail, but not necessarily once per e-mail thread. (In other words, one thread might have two flagged messages.) I cannot determine if the duplication occurs each time Outlook is opened, each time the flagged e-mail is viewed, or whether it's something under the hood that's causing it. (1) Is this something that has an obvious fix? (2) If not, how can I cause the flow to check to see if the item has already been created? 

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I would suggest that you show some screen shots of the flow you have created (removing any sensitive info like URLs) and we can have a stab at where you may be experiencing the issue.


It's hard to visualise from your description alone (at least for me it is!).




@Damien Rosario  MSFT support became involved. It's now listed as a bug. Engineers are said to be working on it for a future release.

Thanks for letting us know, @Joseph Nierenberg.


Hopefully a quick fix will be forthcoming!


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