Failed to load connections & Failed to fetch issue for out of the box PA flow

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Hello Community. I’ve seen my issue being addressed several times in the past, but not recently (2021).


I use the default document library in a SharePoint Online site created. I customized the library by adding additional columns – to add information like team, department, owner, content description – all from the standard interface, no additional fancy things or third party solutions. From the library I select to build a Power Automate flow – opening in the new tab Power Automate…


All starts well:







I use the default settings in this flow – no changes to no frame. The flow then runs one or two times just fine – then issues start showing following error message in SharePoint Online:



When I check the flow in Power Automate – all seems fine:



Trying it again a few minutes later – the flow again works fine, once.


Then – again minutes later – issues again showing in SharePoint:



When I then go to Power Automate to check the flow again – it shows “Invalid connections” on all frames.



I’m pretty lost as to what can cause these issues. I’ve tried different browsers: Edge (default), IE, Chrome – same results. I deleted the flow again, then cleared the browser cache, several times. After that – I rebuild the flow and ran it without problems, one or two times. Then the same issue again.


I really enjoy the idea of connecting everything and automating where possible – I would like to avoid building workarounds around automation ;). Does anybody have an idea how to tackle this issue or can provide a solution?


Thanks a lot in advance…

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