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I have a SharePoint list which I would like to get the schema downloaded.  When I use the built-in "Export Schema to CSV" tool and then open the CSV, is difficult to decipher.  I thought I read or heard somewhere that the export tool is essentially exporting the schema in JSON format am not really sure about that.


What options do I have for getting the schema extracted in a readable format?


I have the premium subscription for PowerAutomate and have used PowerAutomate for some other flow projects.



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@PhilLOGIC What exactly are you trying to export?


List data or list columns/views, etc.?


Check these PowerShell scripts if it helps: 

  1. Create and add list template to SharePoint site with content types, site columns and list views 
  2. Create and add site design to SharePoint site with site columns, content type 
  3. Get-SPOSiteScriptFromList 
  4. Get-PnPSiteScriptFromList 

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