Externally facing form to recevie employment applications and resumes

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I have an Office 365 client who has an externally facing website where they ask people looking for employment to fill out a form and attach their resume.  The website then emails someone in HR the resume along with the values filled out in the form.


My client would like this information captured and put into a SharePoint library automatically. I can replace the current web page that captures the data and resume with a PowerApps form or I can direct the current email to wherever I want.


Any suggestions how I can implement this automation in SharePoint Online on Office 365?


NOTE: The users are external and are **not** authenicated.  Also, to avoid robots, I'd like to include a 'Captcha' if I create a new form.

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Hi Marcel,


i would step away from the public facing site in Office365 as it is stopping march 17 and invest in a site on Azure where you can at the form and publish the data via REST to SharePoint.