Export Replies from Microsoft Teams

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I'm attempting to export messages from Microsoft Teams but I'm not able to grab the replies. Is anyone exporting messages from Microsoft Teams and including replies? How are you doing it?


Currently, I'm running two Flows:

1. Using "When a new channel message is added" action. It's working well when someone creates a new message but it doesn't execute on replies.

2. Using the "Get messages" action. It's running successfully but isn't grabbing any of the replies. It's grabbing any messages that start a conversation posted in the last week.



John Gruber

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@John Gruber 

Hi , I have a same problem, did you find a solution please?



You can call the Microsoft graph to get a conversation so if you have the message I'd you can get all the replies to it. If you are doing it for auditing then it will be inefficient to do this for every message