Email specific user added/removed to/from Multi-Person Field (SharePoint / Power Automate)

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I currently have an event list with a "Participant" person column set to allow multiple selections.  Is it possible to automate an email when a new user is added or removed from this column?  I don't want to email all the users in the column, just the new or removed user only.

Essentially, I want to automate an email to the user with the event details they have been registered for.  I would also like an automated email when a user is removed, to inform them they are no longer registered for the specific event.  Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @JLNMetsFan , this sounds like a process best supported by two lists, one containing event detail and a second containing attendees. The email notifications would be relatively simple to automate if you were using a PowerApp frontend to administer the attendee list. Your submit/delete buttons would activate a flow to send an email.


If using purely Power Automate I'd still recommend two primary lists but you would also need an audit log of attendees to compare against in order to determine whether a record was added or deleted, and then trigger a conditional flow. After the emails were sent the audit log would be refreshed to match the current state of the attendee list.