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I am currently trying to automate some reporting that i undertake, this particular report is a cisco agent report which monitors the status of agents on a cisco phone system.

I am not able to currently get direct sql access so i have to pull the data manually and import it to update the reports.

i have recently found that you can email the data out in either "Inline HTML" "zip file which has excel file" or a PDF.

I want to be able to use any of them formats and email myself the data and then convert or use that data in a excel online sheet.

 I have tried various different ways and can even manage to get the functionality but i can not get the right data to populate in the rows.

The columns in the report are as follows:

Agent Name, Agent ID, State transition time,Agent State,Reason code,duration


I'm wondering if someone can help me to get this working and help me to work out the best way to get this to function or linking me to someone who may have achieved this previously.

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Sounds like the columns aren't aligning with the desired text...


There are some options for converting a table in pdf into excel 




Automated - (not free)


We could also try to manipulate the inline html file if you want to post the layout.


Hope this helps.





@Terry McCullagh 

Hello i tried the parser you have shown but its not free, i managed to get power bi to allow me to work with zip files and extract them but now i have a new issue of that the format of the excel sheet is not supported in power BI due to been 2003 excel.


I will try get some inline html as a example.