Email a list of Discussion Board or Discussion List posts once a day

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I have created a flow to email me a list of posts from a discussion board. However, I want to be able to receive an email with the list of items that were posted the previous day. I created the following flow:

*Recurrence (once  day)

*Get Items (from Discussions List)

*Filter Array (see screen shot), using the expression @equals(item()?['Created'], addDays(utcNow(), -1, 'yyyy-MM-dd'))

*Create an HTML table using that output

*Send Email


I tested this with out the Filter Array and it works great. However when I added the filter array I get a blank email. 


Any suggestions would be great. 

Thank you,

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There is an official Microsoft community page just for Flow here:

You will get a greater audience and more Flow pros able to assist with your question. For whatever reason this community is still on this forum.

Anyway, go to that link and sign up and ask there and you should get a quick response hopefully ;).

@Chris Webb I actually have my issue posted there as well. Not having much luck so I thought I would try this forum as well. 


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