Document Approvals requiring access

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I've been trying to build a flow that when a document is added to a library, it sends out an approval email with a link to the file but the approvers are always forced to request access to be able to view the file. Just wondering if there is a way so that the approvers do not need to request access when trying to view the file in question. 

When testing the flow with myself, I never have any issues with viewing the file in question. I have also added people from my organization to the group along with making the group public, but they still need to request access to view the file. 

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Hello @Brian777! Why? Your scenario reminds me of the external guests, who must request access with a 7 digits stuff and this is a quite annoying stuff for your internal workers as well, if you install such an additional obstacle. Just remind: it is a SHAREpoint, not a hidepoint. Your Team must have an easy access in other case teamwork is not very pleasant :) If these Approvers have to request themselves an approval I suggest you can fire them and add them as external workers... Just kidding. So again: Why? Greets, Eva.