Do Until condition not working

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I have set up a Do Until action in Flow with a condition:

Status Value is equal to Completed


Status is a SharePoint choice column. Inside the loop, I am retrieving that exact same column value (using Get Item) and sending a notification.


The notification shows that the value of Status is Completed, however the Do Until action keeps looping. What am I missing?


[Update] If I store the field value in a variable, and check the variable value in the condition, then everything works fine. I am going to use this workaround for now, but I'd still be interested to understand why it wouldn't work with the field value directly.





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@Christophe Humbert  I have tried the same approach you mentioned but its not working. now

@Christophe Humbert Have you looked at the limits for the do until loop? It could be an issue of it timing out.