Distinct long list issue

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Hello, I have a long list from my sharepoint list which content the same province value for cascading dropdown in powerapps. I try to do the "Distinct (Addresslist, ProvincialName)" in dropdown, but I can see only a few list value display in my dropdown list.


I understand that this is probably related to the delegation issue. But I could not find the solution for this.


Any idea on this issue?




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Hi @bolychen , it is possible (but not recommended) to create a collection of your entire list (it can be done up to 4,000 records with an expression) and then create a distinct subset of provinces from inside the app, avoiding delegation issues.

However (and I say this without having seen your source list) I would consider a Flow designed to populate a separate list of provinces, derived as unique items from the parent list. It can run each time a record in the parent list is updated.