Disable Forms answers depending on List entries via Flow/Power Automate

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Hi @all,


I'm trying to create something like a sign in to scheduled dates. Each date has slots for 6 participants.


Now I want to send a Forms form to all off them, so they can choose which date they want. The results of the Forms survey are stored in a SharePoint List. BUT if all 6 slots on a date are full the option in Forms for this date should be disabled.

Is something like this possible or better made with another solution? :)


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@FabvE it's not possible with Forms (apart from changing the Form manually) but should be do-able with a Power Apps form with the SharePoint list as the data source. So I'd investigate that route.


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@RobElliott  I was afraid that it's not possible. :( Then I have to get into Power Apps.
Thanks for your answer.