Disable Flow on a particular List/Library

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Is it possible to disable Flow on a specific List/Library?

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You mean for all users? I don't think this is possible...you could play with list/document library security to see what you are able to achieve, but you will need to break inheritance at that level and play with the permissions we have...It could be great to have a setting that would allow us to configure per document library / list if Flow / PowerApps are going to be available or not @Dan Holme @Chris McNulty


you can enable or disable a specific workflow from the Manage Page in Flows

We are talking about "hidding/remove" Flow action for a list/library...not about how to disable a Flow for a List/Library
I could really do with knowing this too! Flow is great but to have everyone within an organisation creating flows would be chaos.

More than a year later, we would love to see this on a per-list basis, too. Are we missing something?