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I have a powerapps that patches data to a sharepoint list. I then have a flow that does several actions and lastly emails a user with a link to the sharepoint item. However, the see the below screen. I am looking for options on how better to present the data. Basically, the user has to scan through the entire list to find the valuable information. I tried json formatting for the columns, but that doesnt seem to pass to the item view. Any thoughts? 

(This is a new a workflow for employees to ask for network access/application assess..) 


I very much appreciate the help! 





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Hello @msparr,

if you already have a users powerapp, you can create a new display form in landscape mode just to show your 20+ columns/fields as a broad view of all content. I recently seen a youtube video about choice buttons in PowerApps from Laura Rogers and she points out, that forms in PowerApps are much more usable for a bunch of fields than the default form of a list. And it looks way much better than I think. Try this and look on your own the video from Minute 10:50


Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.