Deprecated Power Apps controls seem to be still available

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Hi - hoping someone can help with this query.


According to the Power Platform "important upcoming changes" article, a bunch of standard Power Apps controls have been deprecated and, from April 2023 (i.e. by now) we shouldn't be able to add them to forms.  This is the relevant part of the article I'm referring to above:


However, we are still able to add these controls to our forms, which makes us wonder whether the controls we're using are the deprecated controls or newer replacement controls.


As an example, one of the deprecated controls is the Auto Complete control.  However, we can still add an auto-complete control called "CC_AutoComplete_Name" to our forms.


Does anyone know how we can tell whether a control we're using is one of the deprecated ones or not?





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Hi @Chris Doran, we are experiencing the same issue. 


I've logged at least 3 support calls with MS and still awaiting an suitable answer.  I was given suggestion of controls to replace them with but when I attempted the only options that I had were the controls being deprecated.  I've raised another support call on the advice of our support manager at MS with the hope of getting some answers as we are a month aware from April.  Will let you know if we get an answer.


We have also noticed they had initially mentioned option set as a control being deprecated, but they have now removed it from the list.

@collie96 we managed to get to speak to someone in the Power Apps product team in Redmond. We verbally confirmed that replacements will be made available in due course, and the current controls will not be removed until the newer ones are available.


We were well down the track of producing our own replacements for some of the deprecated controls but have shelved that work.


Obviously, this isn't the same as official confirmation from Microsoft, but it's much closer than what we managed to get from Microsoft support and/or these forum posts, and is from a trusted source.