Delete Calendar Invite Email when RSVP through Respond to an Event Invite V2

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In a flow I've created, I'm using Respond to an Event Invite V2 to reply to a calendar event. If this was done manually within the Outlook email notification, the act of RSVP'ing would remove the email from my inbox; but the automated response from Power Automate doesn't seem to do that, leaving the email sitting in my inbox as if I haven't RSVP'ed yet.


I've tried to use Delete Email to remove the invite from my inbox after responding to it, but can't seem to identify the email id through a dynamic content token, because the only id I have is the event id, which is different.


Does anyone have an idea around how I can accomplish this better?




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Also looking for this. Struggling to delete the meeting invites :) @Jared Bennett 

@Pablito45 & @Jared Bennett,


I think I have found a workaround. You can use retrieve the correct id via the eventMessage in the Graph API.


Below is an example.



@Expiscornovus Thank you for the effort. Your solutions looks neat!

Unfortunately, I have had other struggles and I have not had the chance to try this out. (my calendar and a shared mailbox calendar being synchronised and not being able to target only of them)