Deep link to powerapps record using URL ID not working

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So, I have a powerapp connected to a list.  When a new list item is created (via Forms, but that does not matter), I have it send an email to a person who is supposed to double-check the new item.  I want to add a URL.  I have grabbed the base URL:[APP ID]?tenantId=[Tenant ID]


Ok fine. Theoretically, according to multiple sources, I just add &ID=[Item ID#].  So:[APP ID]?tenantId=[Tenant ID]&ID=[Item ID#]


But alas this heads only to the Browse screen, not the EDIT (notice I did not say detail) screen for the specific Item.  Interestingly, I inspected the URL to see what the actual one is, and the browse screen and detail screen have the EXACT same URL (so it must be passing the ID some other way).


What am I missing here?  How do I generate a URL that points directly to an item if the ID is not working and doesn't even show in the standard URL?






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@shawn_fielding I know this post is rather old at this point. But I wanted to respond in case others end up here like I did. I was also having the same issue. Turns out, in my case, I had another Navigate() call further down in the onstart method. Which was eventually getting called so I would never see the screen I was looking for despite it actually being navigated to. I was able to find this by debugging a published app. Hope this helps someone in the future.