date time format P. Automate

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Hi! I've a question regarding date/time format in power automate. I have created a flow that starting from an excel it sends directly different invitations to people in the excel list. Everything work fine, but the data format in p. Automate is not the one we usually use, its like date+time in the same field, like : "2021-08-29T04:00:00". So the flow only works if i use that format in the excel.. but the excel exist already with one column for date and one for time (date: 2021-12-1, time in another column 18:30 ).. it would be a big effort change all the dates in the excel in order to be in the correct form for power automate (and there would be no benefit for the automation.. the time i save is the time needed to change date time format in excel). Is there a way to convert the date time whithin power automate? Thanks in advance.
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