Customization of Flow Approvals

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I'm trying to recreate a Nintex workflow in Flow where each of the workflow steps have various next steps to choose from. I’ve been playing with the Flow Approvals Action but it only gives me the option to Approve or Reject the list item. Is there a different Action that will allow me to change whether it says Approve or Reject or add additional outcomes? Are there any Actions that will let me do different types of customization to my approvals? 


Attached is a screenshot of a Nintex workflow step where the Lease Analyst can send the item to either the Created By user, Department Head, or can Approve the item.

I would like to build this logic in Flow.



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I don't have details on it, but heard it could hit in a number of weeks where we can add more than just approve / reject to the flow approvals.  @Jon Levesque not sure if you can shed some light if there was a blog post about this feature yet or not. I remember asking about it in your session and was curious if any details were out there that could help my curiosity and help this man out with his flow journey  :). Thanks!