Custom Web API - Gallery expects table values

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We were trying to connect to a custom Web API that we have developed through PowerApps.


We have generated a Swagger file and made the needed customizations.


We have successfuly made the connection and authenticated via the PowerApps studio (using the Swagger file for parsing the settings). However, when we tried to call the Web API controller, we get a warning message that data items property was expecting table values.


The returned data is in JSON format - a collection of objects. We couldn't find any documentation how to handle this such case and how to retrieve the data.


Has anyone successfuly implemented their own service which returns JSON format?

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Hi Kiril.


Have you come right with this?


We usually use pass the JSON to a collection, and then us the ungroup function on the collection in order to extract the JSON, in order to display it in a gallery.


Kind regards