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Hello everyone,


I am extremely new to SharePoint but even newer to Power Automate.


But since I like challenges, then I agreed to redesign my company's intranet, so looking for new things I found the possibility of creating a workflow that sends emails to my colleagues on their birthday or work anniversary. This flow works based on a list created on my website, this list contains the information of my colleagues. This one is working smoothly. 


Now they ask me if it is possible to place a component or something similar on my home page that obtains the information from the list and loads those with birthdays on one side and work anniversaries on the other.


I am sure that it is possible to do it but I don't know how to, can you help me with that?


Thank you in advance.

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@ADumith you could have the birthdays listed in 1 list and the work anniversaries in another list. For each list you would need to create a new view where the filter is birthday (or anniversary) is equal to [Today].


But to make the list look good in the web part you would need to format it with JSON formatting. Have a look at


Then add a list web part to your SharePoint page and edit it to select the appropriate view.


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