Create item(s) from one SharePoint List to another that have Lookup field(s)

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I have two SharePoint lists in two different SharePoint sites that are set-up exactly the same. One of the site's list is the main list that gets updated, and I am trying to update the secondary list with the add/updated list items. I was able to get my flow to work however, the data in the lookup column is not populating. In my Create Item, and Update Item action's my lookup column is not present to map fields from the trigger.

Is there something with lookup columns that doesn't allow you to create that data from another list? Or am I just missing something here? Here is my entire flow. Thanks!




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If it is a lookup field, the query should be something like 

Lookupfieldname/Actualfieldname eq 'value'

Have you verified the Advanced Option and make sure you have the fields in the list correctly mapped to the default content type and make sure you have not more than one content type. 


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-Sudharsan K...

@Sudharsan K My lists are set up to not allow management of Content Types.


I updated my Get Items filter query as you mentioned and there appears to be no difference. Both queries still return "Successful" runs, though my lookup column Parent Option is still not present in my Create Item and Update Item columns, and therefore does not include the Parent Option value for an item in my destination list.


One thing I did forget to mention my connection is through the On-Premises Data Gateway. Does this have anything to do with it? What determines what columns are available in Create and Update actions?