Create a teams meeting from a Forms submission

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I am working on a power automate function to create a teams meeting after a forms submission. The problem I am running into it that i need the meeting to be scheduled 1 day from the time the form was submitted at 09:15 am to 09:45 am. 


I can't seem to get the expression correct for this. Please help . 

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@Kevin4166  just wanted to provide and update. I was able to find a work around by creating a new column on my list that used a formula to round down the date the form was submitted to midnight. Then I used a new column to grab that date/time and add 1 day and 9:15 hours to the formatted submission time. 

once I have the new column with the meeting time I was able to pull that column into flow and use the meeting start time. 

Who will the Meeting be scheduled for?
The Person submitting it or a person Input?
Is it used internal or is it an external person(outside the company) that input the form ?