Copy list items from all lists to a master list

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I have a Team SP site where we create a new List for each project plan. I'd like to use Power Automate to "Get Lists" (where list name contains "Project Plan") and copy each row to a Master Task List. I'd also like the Master Task List to be updated when any items on the individual project plan lists are modified.


I want to create a view on the Master Task List for all open tasks assigned to [Me]. So, rather than viewing my tasks from the individual project plan lists, I can see all my tasks in one list.


If someone can show me how to set this up in Power Automate, that would be great!






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@nmg123 I'll start with the second part of your first paragraph - to update the master list when any item in any of the project plan lists is modified - as that is a major problem. It is not achievable without a separate flow for each of the project plan lists. This is because your trigger, which would either be "When an item is created or modified" or "When an item or file is modified" can only look at a single list, not at multiple lists. 

However the first part of your first paragraph - to inititally add items to a master list from the project plan lists using the Get lists action - is definitely do-able but not entirely straightforward.  If you still want to go ahead with creating this master list bearing in mind the problem with updating it then I'll post up the flow and instructions as soon as possible.


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I am definitely interested in this - as I'm working on an effort to create a solution with this use case.

Any help - screenshots, etc - that you can provide would be greatly appreciated, as I"m currently struggling to construct this.


Thank you!