Copy Folders subfolders and files to another sites document library

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Hi Everyone.


I need help.

it a simple flow but i failed.
I was trying all over the web to look for a simple solution to

Copy Folders, subfolders and files from one site to another sites document library.


Can someone help me please.


Thank you


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is this something you need the flow to do always, or if that is one time i would suggest trying the two options we have on the Modern SharePoint;

Copy to: copy the same files, folders, and libraries to the new location you have to be member on both sites/locations.
Move to: move the files, folders, and Libraries to the new site or location again you have to be member on both the sites...



Use to move files from one SPO site to another

@flashock Did you manage to find a solution? I need to do it on a regular basis. Scheduled flow once a day.