Converting string type to person group field type in Sharepoint

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Hello everyone,

I have task to build a flow which will be adding and updating Items in sharepoint list from excel file. I have a issue due to converting string type from Excel (name) to a person field type in sharepoint list. Is it possible to do that? I didn’t find any solution that would help. 
I would be greatful for any hints and solutions ☺️

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@Domi333 if the data in Excel is an email address then in your flow add an Office 365 Users get user profile V2 action and select the email address from the dynamic content box for the input field. But if it's just a name then you have more of a problem as the name might not be unique. You could try to add the name field into the input of the Get user profile action but it will fail if, when you run it, it finds 2 people with the same name.


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@Domi333 During your "Apply to each" object that iterates through the body of your Excel items, use the "Search for users (V2)" Office 365 action. The Search term will be the field with the person's name in the items in your loop.


My example below was for a document library I was iterating and updating from a text "FullName" column to a person field I created. If you are using a list, use Update list items. You should have an ID column in your Excel that matches the IDs on your list so you can key off of it. Use the ID from your Excel as the key for the "ID" field in SharePoint.