Content Approval Status Reverts to Pending After Approve/Reject Power Automate Flow - Please help!

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I have a Power Automate Flow that works that Succeeds when using the Template "Request approval (first to respond) for a selected file.  I approve or reject and Content Approval Status will show Approved for about 30 seconds and then it reverts to Pending. To confirm:


  • I am using SP Online in Microsoft 365
  • I am using Versioning (Major) only
  • I am setting the Content Approval Status
  • All Green Checkmarks in the Flow 
  • I even added an Update Files Properties - no avail

The Approval Status updates to Approved then returns to Pending!


Can someone please advise on how to fix this please? I am completely stuck and have researched with trial and error with no success for days!


Here are some screenshots to help:








Thank you in advance!  






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@lysandraowen  Move Set content approval status 4 so it's after Update file properties. If a change is made after you set the Set Content approval status 4 is done, it will reset it to pending.



@PamDeGraffenreid, thank you I really appreciate your reply. I have set the Content Approval as the last step in multiple versions of the flow and it updates, but again reverts, regardless of where I put the Set Content Approval. I see it go to Approved and then watch it disappear. The Update File Properties was a revision after multiple attempts.
Happy to take a look if you want to post the updated copy. Are there any other flows running on the list?

@PamDeGraffenreid, thank you.

Here is the screenshot and I even added a terminate trying to avoid a retrigger of the flow, still reverts to Pending.  With or without Terminate it updates and reverts.


Thanks again!