Connectors disabled by Data Loss Prevention policies

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My company is new to Powerapps and Flow, and decided for now to lock down the connectors used by it to only internal business data.  Things like Sharepoint, ODFB, etc.  


So now  just to test that no one can access any outside connectors I'm trying to set up a flow that connects to my Facebook account.  When I try to do anything with it I get a generic error that says something to the effect of "An error has occurred, please wait a short time and try again"  


That's not the most helpful error, and I don't know if it has anything to do with the DRP policy that bans FB or not.  It would be VERY helpful if the error is associated with the DRP policy to have it say something like "Due to the (Whatever) DRP policy you can not use this connector.  Please contact your administrator for more information".  


If this generic error really is caused by the DRP policy then MS seriously needs to change that.  I can see users trying again and again and always getting this error message and then just getting disgusted with the app and not using it again.


Thanks in advance.






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