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In SharePoint Online document library we have a Flow button and from it you can configure flow options.  On choosing Request Sign off a pre-configured flow is available from that button when an individual document is selected.  When Content Approval is chosen, no pre-configured flow is shown and a flow needs to be created either from a template of from scratch.  Is this anticipated behaviour or am I missing something? (screen shots below show the button and configure options)



After searching for a while I cant find the answer though I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before, so hoping someone can confirm the correct my understanding.

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I'm seeing same behavior and IMHO this is not the way it should work

Thanks - at least I'm not the only one.  I thought both were supposed to give pre-configured flows.

I'll have to dig up when the Content Approval came out, but there were a couple prereqs behind it, such as turning on Content Approval in advanced settings on the library and a few others things that I think are required before this shows up.
Interesting. when you set that option it actually does turn on Approvals for the library and turns them off when doing Sign-Off. But there should be a separate Content Approval flow I assume? Juan use your connections and find out :)

Hi @Sara Fennah

In case it helps, Laura Rogers had a segment on this topic during the Online Flow Conference in December. See beginning at 1:05 in this video:

She included a little chart of which options are available in which approval mode, which I thought was helpful.


I am seeing the same issue. While the video did explain some of the options I am sort of still expecting a default flow to appear, or at least some explanation of what to do. Right now the "Content Approval" option is totally useless to me. 

@Craig Blake Did the Content Approval issue ever get cleared up? I am still seeing the behavior discussed in this thread.



@annetoal There is no default content approval flow.  You have to build a custom flow.  The best place to start is