Conditionally show fields in PowerApps

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Is there any way to conditionally show fields based on the value of another field?


So if a user selects Yes in one field then other fields are show, same thing if the user selects NO then different set of fields are displayed?

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You need to play with the "Visible" property of the controls. In the below sample, the textbox control is hide and shown when the user selects the Checkbox.




And use the below formula

Textbox2.Visible: Checkbox1.Value
Textbox3.Visible: !Checkbox1.Value



I just started developing in PowerApps and I am trying to make a SharePoint list Yes/No field titled 'CMDBUpdateCompleted' hidden if the value of another Yes/No field title 'CMDBNeeded' is equal 'No" and visible is the CMDB field is equal to "Yes". I cannot get your formula to work for this. Can you point me in the right direction please? 

you need to add this in your visible field : If(CMDBUpdateCompleted.Value = true;true;false)


This condition shows a content only when your toggle is clicked, you can change the true/false values depending what you need. Hope this helps you !